Meet La Familia De Hoy (Today’s Family), The Jimenez Family

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Back in December I posted about Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies searching for La Familia de Hoy (Today’s Family) to be a spokesfamily for their company (you can read about it HERE).  At that point it had been narrowed down to 3 families and while my pick wasn’t selected, I am happy to share that  they have revealed the Jiménez family as La Familia de Hoy.

Juan, Biviana and their three children: Elisa, Diego and Benicio are a modern, active, multicultural family – representative of all the values that Hispanics relate to and care about.  Here’s how:

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The Jimenez family is part of a larger family: The Jimenez brothers are 4, 3 wives, 8 children and one grandmother. The three married brothers live right next to each other with connecting backyards and the fourth brother lives close by. The grandmother is right there with them, living in the house with Juan and his family where she raised her children.

* I love how close they are literally and figuratively!  I hope that my kids are that close to one another and to me when they get older (they are not allowed to move away!).  It takes a strong family unit to be so involved in each others lives without driving each other crazy and I think that is great.

The Jimenez Family shares a special bond. They are constantly looking out for each other, whether is babysitting each other’s children, attending family gatherings on special occasions, getting together for weekend BBQ’s or going to Juan’s boys’ soccer games.

* Just like their family, I know my family will be there if I really need them.  It’s great to have a support system in your life.

Their commitment in life is to pass on their traditional values and Hispanic roots in the younger generation. Sharing Mexican and Colombian backgrounds, Juan is always making sure his children grow up learning and absorbing all the obtainable knowledge from their mom and grandma, in order to make the right choices when reaching their adult life, as well as keep taking care of each other as a family.

* I think this is amazing!  I need to do a much better job about teaching my kids about their heritage.  Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy the food and the music but there is more I could be doing. 

But there are things I do that I learned from the elders in my family that my kiddos will probably pick up from me….

Like using Neosporin when you have a cut


or Bengay when parts of the body you never knew you had ache as you age (sad but true)


In what ways is your family like La Familia De Hoy?  Are there items you use because your parents did?


  1. Sandy VanHoey says:

    Yes there are many we use that my mom used and other generations. Dial is one, myy mo always had Dial in the home

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