Let’s Put An End to Human Trafficking!

Did you know that 5.5 million children are victims of child trafficking worldwide? and that’s just the number for children, so I can only imagine what the number really is if you include women and men.   I find that to be both sickening and frightening!

If you are living in the US, you may be thinking that it doesn’t really happen here, but you’d be wrong. The U.S. is considered one of the major destinations for trafficking victims and has been reported in each and every one of the 50 states. Even more so in California, Texas, Florida, and New York. As a mom of 2 living in South Florida, I want to keep my kids locked up in the house to keep them safe. While that is unrealistic, there are some things we can do to help put an end to Human Trafficking.

First…let’s educate ourselves (what better time to do it being that January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month)

What is Human trafficking?

Human trafficking has been compared to modern-day slavery because children, women, and men are forced or coerced for the purpose of exploitation. They are exploited for sexual purposes (prostitution, pornography, sex tourism, forced marriage) or forced labor (sweat-shop work, begging, armed service, and migrant farming).

Who can be affected by it?

It can affect anyone, regardless of class, education, gender, or age.

What’s being done about it?

The U.S. Fund for UNICEF has launched The End Trafficking project to raise awareness about child trafficking and mobilize communities within the United States to take meaningful action to help protect children. Their initiative is aimed at bringing us all closer to a day when ZERO children are exploited by partnering with concerned individuals and groups.  Actually, UNICEF’s newest Ambassador is Angie Harmon and she has PSA’s airing all throughout January.   To learn more about the End Trafficking initiative, visit: http://www.unicefusa.org/endtrafficking.

How you can we help end trafficking and spread awareness?

1. Download resources to find out how you can help End Trafficking using the resources below:

2. Report potential cases, get help, or request information and training by calling the National Human Trafficking Hotline number, 1-888-373-7888.. This 24/7 toll-free hotline is 100% confidential. You can also download a hotline postcard here.

3. Consider volunteering by joining the UNICEF Action Center today.

Let’s put an end to Human Trafficking!!!!!

I wrote this post as part of The Global Team of 200, a highly specialized group of members of Mom Bloggers for Social Good that concentrates on issues involving women and girls, children, world hunger and maternal health.


  1. Thanks for your post, when a problem is so widespread, it can be tough to figure out where to begin when you want to get involved in helping!

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